Anime Song Syndrome


This is a personal project through which I aim to share anime/Japanese songs that randomly get stuck in my mind and I myself think highly of. Despite the project title, I still want to include non-anime tracks, as I have explained in my first post. I’m no music expert, yet I just want to happily share what my anime/Japanese music preference is like. And, along that line, I hope people who stumble upon this blog would be interested in checking out the songs I feature in this project. If you wanna talk to me about music, you can always drop me a tweet or a comment on my lastfm profile. 🙂

  1. Shiroi Kokoro (White Heart) by Hayami Saori \ Oreimo ED4
  2. Rashisa by SUPER BEAVER \ Barakamon OP
  3. Shabondama Days (Soap Bubble Days) by Aqua Timez (non-anime)
  4. Issei no Sei (Voices in Unison) by Kita Shuuhei \ Natsume Yuujinchou OP
  5. LET IT OUT by Fukuhara Miho \ FMA:Brotherhood ED2
  6. Perfect Day by supercell (PV animated by Madhouse)
  7. This Love by Angela Aki \ Blood+ ED3
  8. Rock on. by nano \ Gekijou Arpeggio of Blue Steel: Ars Nova ED
  9. Eye-Water by Sawano Hiroyuki \ Attack on Titan OST
  10. Ohayou by Keno \ HunterxHunter 1999 OP1
  11. Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari by supercell \ Bakemonogatari ED
  12. Nene by Takagi Masakatsu \ Wolf Children OST
  13. Hello passing days by KOKIA \ non-anime album Trip Trip
  14. Believe in yourself by Abe Mao \ Baby Steps OP
  15. On the Outside by Priscilla Ahn \ When Marnie was There ED
  16. Strike a Bell by LEGO BIG MORL (non-anime)

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