Quotes from anime and manga I started jotting down since April 8, 2012, though I stopped somewhere in 2013 because I’d been getting kinda lazy. If I’m in the mood, I may start writing down wonderful quotes again. Anyway, enjoy reading this page!



Every job deserves respect because the world needs all of us to do our jobs.
– Shimura Shinpachi [Gintama’ ep 15]

I’m a shadow, but the stronger the light, the stronger the shadow and the more it accentuates the brightness of the light. I will be the shadow to your light and make you the best player in Japan.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke ep 01]

I play a tune with no melody and go where there is no road. This will take me to my shining star!
– Nanba Mutta [Uchuu Kyoudai ep 02]

We did train together for a while, but I never taught him how to take a belt.
– Makunouchi Ippo [Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger ep 10]

Don’t rank us with the fireworks. We are the stars above those fireworks. We glow forever! That big one is me! I’ll become the world champion and have you look up to me forever!
– Takamura Mamoru [Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger ep 14]

Not everyone who puts forth the effort will come out victorious. But! Everyone who succeeds has put forth that much effort!
– Kamogawa Genji [Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger ep 20]

It’s not about death. Dying isn’t paying him back! That’s not what he put his life on the line for! He saved you so that you could live, yet you want to die?! Only a weak person would act like that!
– Monkey D. Luffy [One Piece ep 27]

People do not exist to follow rules. Rules exist to protect people.
– Kurokami Medaka [Medaka Box ep 08]

Nothing in Heaven or on Earth can stop me!
– Alexander “Rider” [Fate/zero S2 ep 08]

My body feels light. It’s as if I’ve been reborn. I feel like flying.
– Nishimi Kaoru [Sakamichi no Apollon ep 07]

It’s just that if I can do something, I’ll do it myself. If I can’t do it, I won’t bother. That’s all.
– Asahina “Daisy” Kikuno [Sket Dance ep 59]

Even the dead start singing when the blades dig into their flesh.
– Sophia “Valmet” Velmer [Jormungand ep 07]

They’re cheerful right now, but hating something you love is very painful.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke ep 08]

The stronger a person looks, the weaker he is.
– Minami “Ray” Ryusuke [Beck ep 14]

If you go that far, nobody can say anything anymore.
– Kaizou [Katte ni Kaizou ep 05]

Since Ronald’s gender is unclear, and I can have all the french fries I want everyday.
– Yagyuu Kyuubei [Gintama ep 193]

So Gintama is kind of back in 16:9!
– Sakata Gintoki [Gintama’ ep 01]

– Don’t all girls like handsome guys?… So it’s natural to enjoy seeing handsome guys together.
Araragi Koyomi [Nisemonogatari ep 02]

What? Do you like anything is long as it’s cute and fluffy?
– Madara “Nyanko-sensei” [Natsume Yuujinchou Shi ep 03]

If the borrower fairy didn’t return everything fairly, that would be fairly bad.
– Kitsu Chiri [Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Special]

It was you who noticed me… Ririchiyo-sama
– Miketsukami Soushi [Inu X Boku SS ep 11]

Students don’t have any money. The money we receive at New Year’s disappears with the melting winter snow, and our meager daily allowance whittles down to zero from the moment it’s put into our hands.
– Asaba Yuuki [Kimi to Boku 2 ep 09]

Table for one. I see. Nobody to eat with, huh?
– Asaba Yuuki [Kimi to Boku 2 ep 09]

I get angry when people waste food. Each grain of rice is a drop of sweat.
– Chitanda Eru [Hyouka ep 06]

All dreams must disappear when the dreamer wakes. Every last of them.
– Gilgamesh “Archer” [Fate/Zero ep 23]

The more exciting it was to meet, the sadder it feels to say goodbye, huh?
– Kirishima Haruto [Kimi no Iru Machi OVA ep 02]

Drums and watermelon and onigiri
These are a few of my favorite things
– Kawabuchi Sentarou [Sakamichi no Apollon ep 11]

A jinx isn’t just some random source of bad luck. If you believe something’s going to go wrong, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
– Koko Hekmatyar [Jormungand ep 09]

People who kill too much turn into dragons one day. Beasts that rule the land atop piles of money, and fly the skies on wings of authority.
– Koko Hekmatyar [Jormungand ep 10]

We are just like the whitebait. Swimming in a giant ocean of curry. But, even a single whitebait has its own will.
– Akira Yamada [Tsuritama ep 09]

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things
Cream colored ponies ang crisp apple strudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

My Favorite Things…
My own favorite things are…
the footsteps of a certain person heading towards the house,
the sound of the piano and drums in the basement,
the laughter of two boys,
– Mukae Ritsuko [Sakamichi no Apollon ep 11]

The only thing that’s changed since I became an adult is that unlike when I was younger, my legs don’t fall asleep anymore when I sit.
– Tsunashi Sensei [Kimi to Boku. 2 ep 13]

Why did he [Gin-chan] look so sad? Why do we feel so unhappy? It’s like we’ve forgotten something important, like we threw away an ice cream carton lid without licking it first.
– Kagura [Gintama ep 254/ Gintama Enchousen ep 002]

With our past and future lives in mind, I have filled this text with all the magic I could muster. Love you forever~
– Togashi Yuuta [Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! ep 04]

Have you ever thought about how a killed-off heroine might feel?!!!
– Katsuragi Keima [Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai Tenri-hen ep 01]

The main character in Gintama is every last idiot alive in this show!
– Sakata Gintoki [Gintama ep 256/ Gintama Enchousen ep 004]

No amount of passion can overcome a lack of technical expertise.
– Irisu Fuyumi [Hyouka ep 09]

Those with talent who aren’t aware of themselves cause pain for those who have none.
– Irisu Fuyumi [Hyouka ep 10]

I also don’t like stories where characters die.
– Chitanda Eru [Hyouka ep 11]

I don’t want to die… but I definitely don’t want to die before I’ve made it to space!
– Nanba Mutta [Uchuu Kyoudai ep 11]

So you can’t live if you’re not strong?! Wrong! Living shows that you’re strong!
– Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail ep 154]

Humans are helpless against weather.
– Nanba Mutta [Uchuu Kyoudai ep 25]

Shinpachi! You’re pretty forgettable, so swap places with the main chacracter in that series [Kuroko no Basuke]!
– Kagura [Gintama Enchousen ep 136 rerun]

You don’t get a second chance in some things.
– Aoyama Nanami [Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ep 11]

Reality, be rent! Synapse, break! Banishment, this world!
– Takanashi Rikka [Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!]

Of course I don’t know swordsmanship! I can’t even cook. I can’t sail by myself. And… I don’t lie. I know that I need others to help me if I want to keep on living!
– Monkey D. Luffy [One Piece ep 042]


But the reason it was so fun was because you had those tough times to compare it to, right?
– Yoshida Kouji [Bakuman chap 114]

Violence is a no-no with women! It’s not something a man would resort to.
– Hiramaru Kazuya [Bakuman chap 129]

To someone who has lost after trying his best, no words from the winner can console him!
– Aomine Daiki [Kuroko no Basuke chap 73]

But I think… if we give our best to something we love, we’ll enjoy the victories from the bottom of our hearts.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 79]

What should I do? What do I want to do? Do I want a boyfriend? Do I want to fall in love? Should I get caught up in it? Or should I not?
– Yano Ayane [Kimi ni Todoke chap 67]

I’m going to keep falling… to the point of no return.
– Motomiya Mao [Taiyou no Ie chap ??]

To trust is to be saved! Don’t you think?
– Tachibana Mei [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 10]

Please love me! I don’t exactly know but, please be crazy about me!
– Kurosawa Yamato [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 11]

On the other hand, no matter how many friends I make, I’m still not very sociable. I still feel the most relaxed when… I’m alone.
– Tachibana Mei [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 14]

Nothing makes a girlfriend more insecure than a boyfriend who’s kind to everyone.
– Mutou Aiko [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 14]

No matter how many times this bracelet breaks, I will fix it… because… this was given to me by a person I like.
– Tachibana Mei [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 15]

I am happy as long as Mei is looking at me.
– Kurosawa Yamato [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 15]

What’s so good about repeating the cycle? What message are you trying to send? You’ll just end up sad. If it were me, instead of getting revenge I’d let them get to know the real ME. Then I’d be happy.
– Tachibana Mei [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 16]

Only hatred is born from hatred.
– Tachibana Mei [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 16]

Which do you think is scarier: it’s scary because I don’t know or it’s scary because I do know? If you think it’s scary because you don’t know, then you should just find out!
– Hirose Yuushin [Hiyokoi chap 01]

Even if it’s difficult, live on.
– Jeon Sori [Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love chap 16]

I don’t want much… I just want to do something I like… Things I want to do… Why is it so hard?
– Yu YeonJeong [Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love chap 19]

Until people know the pain you feel… live on! No matter how hard!
– Character from Min Geunsu’s manhwa “Only for You” [Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love chap 20]

School is fun when there’s someone you love there, right?
– Nakano Ritsuka [Hiyokoi chap 02]

If something happens that you don’t like, you can either learn to live with it or try to change it.
– Tominaga Kisaki [Hiyokoi chap 03]

Practice doesn’t lie. It shows results.
– Aida Kagetora [Kuroko no Basuke chap 147]

Really? Then be more careful from now on.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 149]

What does that matter, idiot? Posture has nothing to do with shots; as long as they do in, it’s fine.
– Aomine Daiki [Kuroko no Basuke chap 147]

I’m not denying it. I know that talent and stuff like that are important but… that doesn’t mean it [hardwork] won’t pay off.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 158]

That’s it… How a team is… It’s not just protecting them. What protects you is your team as well. Each one supports one another and… a team is born.
– Kiyoshi Teppei [Kuroko no Basuke chap 160]

It’s spring outside yet it’s still winter in my heart…
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 001]

Love of my life… you’ve found me. You’ve broken my heart… and now you leave me.
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 002]

I won’t forgive anyone, no matter who he is, who disturbs my sleep.
– Rukawa Kaede [Slam Dunk chap 015]

I want to play basketball because I’m a basketball player!
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 018]

A person who can control the rebounds can control the whole game!!
– Akagi Takenori [Slam Dunk chap 024]

Dou ahou [idiot].
– Rukawa Kaede [Slam Dunk chap 034]

Iiya~ There are mosquitos! I dunno where they are… My face, my stomach and my head are bitten… but it doesn’t hurt at all.
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 061]

When people come in during a dump, it makes it even harder to take a dump!
– Mitsui Hisashi [Slam Dunk chap 081]

This is me… This, too, is who I am! Yukio!
– Okumura Rin [Ao no Exorcist chap 036]

I know I’m not the ideal wife you wanted [for your son]… so I’m sorry. But I’m confident that I can love Oppa more than any other healthy or normal person. I’m sorry that I’m so late in asking for your approval, but please accept our marriage.
– Jeon SoRi [Can’t See Can’t Hear but Love chap 033]

I’m that kind that only becomes stronger when I face a tough situation!!
– Mitsui Hisashi [Slam Dunk chap 093]

Still… Someone who has something I so long for and tries to abandon the game makes me lose control!
– Himuro Tatsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 165]

Under the boards, I’m like Gori’s offspring!!
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 110]

Fighting’s not about MUSCLE, it’s about SPIRIT!!
– Yamada Ryuu [Yamada to 7-nin no Majo chap 009]

Give it here, idiot!!
– Rukawa Kaede [Slam Dunk chap 114]

This isn’t the end! This is the beginning of the determination of the winning teams! Don’t cry!
– Akagi Takenori [Slam Dunk chap 131]

The ultimate form of the guild that I’ve hoped for is now right before my eyes.
– Mavis “Fairy Tail 1st Master” [Fairy Tail chap 286]

Hunh… I already messed up big in front of the entire crowd… What else do I have to be afraid of!?
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 221]

Given up? If I had given up, that would mean that the match was completely finished!
– Anzai Coach [Slam Dunk chap 241]

I love basketball very much! This time I am definitely not lying!
– Sakuragi Hanamichi [Slam Dunk chap 269]

In the real world it doesn’t matter how evil the “person” is if you kill him, you can never become a Hero of Justice.
– Ogami Rei [Code:Breaker chap 012]

I always thought things would just stay the way they were… but life changes little by little… and it’s not clear where it’s headed.
– Kaga Akari [Kimi no Iru Machi chap 186]

But being brothers and being rivals– is it really difficult to be both?
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 170]

This time it’s my turn; I’ll educate you. I definitely… won’t let you die.
– Sawada “Vongola Decimo” Tsunayoshi [Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chap 390]

What’s this? I’m enjoying myself… If you’re doing something for your family no matter how small, it brings happiness since you get to see their smiling faces
– Motomiya Mao [Taiyou no Ie chap 13]

You have made enemies of the worst guild to anger.
– Erza Scarlet [Fairy Tail chap 292]

It’s time to show them all the strength of our bonds!
– Mavis, 1st Fairy Tail Guild Master [Fairy Tail chap 292]

Can someone who can’t handle her own problems handle someone else’s?
– Arai Pin [Kimi ni Todoke chap 69]

Don’t talk as if you know everything, when all you’ve had was victory.
– Midorima Shintarou [Kuroko no Basuke chap 175]

Preoccupied with a single leaf, you won’t see the tree. Preoccupied with a single tree, you’ll miss the entire forest. Don’t be preoccupied with a single spot. See everything in its entirety effortlessly. That is what it means to truly see.
– Takuan Soho [Vagabond chap ???]

It simply takes your load off… when someone asks you, “What’s the matter?”
– Takemura Kai [Suki tte Ii na yo chap 20]

All truly strong people are kind
– Takuan Soho [Vagabond chap 224]

Musn’t we, as followers of Buddha, accept a man even if… no, especially because he is a criminal?
– Takuan Soho [Vagabond chap 250]

It’s not over yet! Don’t give up! There’s no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!
– Midorima Shintarou [Kuroko no Basuke chap 181]

Dying Will means not to hesitate, not to regret, and to believe in yourself.
– Reborn [Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chap 403]

Ono-san, do you know what the “Pygmalion Effect” is? When people have expectations, their results have a tendency to follow that path. Pygmalion was a king in the Roman Era who loved a statue and the legend says that the statue became a human. So long as there is someone, even if it’s not you, who believes in you, you will get results.
– Yamada Daisuke [Aozora Yell chap 001]

Although I don’t know what it means to die I know too well what it means to live.
– Min Geun Soo [Can’t See Can’t Hear But Love chap 054]

Everyone has a side that he/she doesn’t want anyone else to see.
– Hori Kyouko [Horimiya chap 001]

Furihata-kun! It’s okay. In my debut match, I tripped and got a nosebleed.
– Kuroko Tetsuya [Kuroko no Basuke chap 186]

Could you throw away your gun?
– Koko Hekmatyar [Jormungand chap 001]

Are you depressed? Well, then… let me protect you!
– Miyamura Izumi [Horimiya chap 008]

Maybe I just need someone to tell me “don’t worry.”
– Hori Kyouko [Horimiya chap 008]

Don’t trust anyone. But sure, I wouldn’t lie to someone who I want to like me.
– Kasper Hekmatyar [Jormungand: Perfect Order ep 4]

Your STARS are with you.
– Loki/Leo [Fairy Tail chap 309]

Against the kingdom? It’s YOU who should think TWICE before going against FAIRY TAIL!
– Natsu “Salamander” Dragneel [Fairy Tail chap 310]

You shouldn’t say things you don’t believe in.
– Urahara Kisuke [Bleach chap 518]

Even if we win a hundred times during practice, there’s no point unless we win during the real thing.
– Hyuuga Junpei [Kuroko no Basuke chap 194]

If we like each other, then time doesn’t matter.
– Tachibana Mei [Sukitte Ii na yo chap 25]

If you wanna laugh, go ahead!
– Nomiya Tomomi [REAL chap 049]

Two more months till tryouts huh– I’ve got a ton of work to do. I’ve gotta do everything like my life depends on it. But to be honest, I’m fine with that. I’ll do anything if it means I could do this for a living. Pain’s got nothing on me.
– Nomiya Tomomi [REAL chap 051]

Just remember this one thing for me, alright? So you hear someone make some ridiculous claim, so what? What’s it to you?
– Shiratori [REAL chap 049]

Only an idiot would quit without challenging himself.
– Nomiya Tomomi [REAL chap 054]

Hey, don’t lose to the world. To that common sense thing the world embraces.
– Rock star [REAL chap 055]

The simplest way to know when you were of help to someone is when he says [Thank you.]
– Saitama [One Punch-Man chap 022.006]

Something can be the truth–no matter how unrealistic–if one believes.
– Taki Kaito [RIN chap 004]

If it’s something that still bothers you, then you should do something about it. Or… do you plan to live with that regret for the rest of your life?
– Mine Kouichi [Cat Street chap 11]

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  1. Awesome collection of quotes. I may have to return to this place if I need a push in my life. Keep up with the good work.

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