Bouncy breasts hurt

Excuse me for the sensitive title. I just think that my friend’s remark on the henshin scenes in Kill la Kill, which we discussed several days ago, is worth noting. Title is right on the mark. Don’t ask me why.

Kill la Kill frequently used the Ryuuko’s Kamui Senketsu and Satsuki’s Kamui Junketsu henshin scenes. They were scattered throughout the series. Kill la Kill is certainly a fan service anime, and those henshin scenes are the most remarkable ones in the series as they were greatly animated (not that the series, as a whole, wasn’t).

Take a look at these clips from

Don’t tell me you DIDN’T notice the bouncy breasts of Ryuuko and Satsuki. How can they endure those 20 something seconds of bra-less bouncing of breasts with straight faces? One or two seconds of bouncing already hurts, but 20 something seconds?!

When I first watched the scene (Ryuuko’s), I was quite taken aback, but I gradually got used to it (rather, I was just watching it nonchalantly, as if it wasn’t happening). That, in turn, made me ignore THAT part of the scene.

That was until my friend came over to my house to talk about anime.  He just recently finished watching KLK, which I recommended him to watch for fun. Then he made that comment in a question, “Don’t those [bouncy breasts] hurt?”

I was surprised at myself for not giving that thought on the scene. But, yes, those bouncy breasts in KLK must have hurt. And the bouncing wasn’t just slight movement from left to right. It was a rigorous up and down bouncing! For sure, I don’t want to undergo those 20 something seconds of transformation if I were to endure that pain.

13 responses to “Bouncy breasts hurt

  1. I had seen my fair share of big and bouncy breats in anime and admittedly, didn’t think too much about it. I’ll just be boring and say “it’s anime”.. :/

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  3. What a hilarious post! I suppose all that bouncing prepared Ryuuko for the most painful scene in the anime: when she tears off Junketsu along with her skin. That scene was hard to watch!

    • Thanks! I’m glad that you appreciate this post. XD Oooh yes, that scene was bloody painful and Ryuuko covered in blood is hard to look at. It was badass, though!

  4. Hehe, that’s something I had never considered. Given the punishment they endure, from enemy attacks, flapping boobage must however be the least of their worries.

  5. Whenever I watch an anime with bouncy breasts or see a character with huge ones, I always look at them with pain. Bouncy breasts do hurt and incredibly big ones would give you back problems. How they’re able to keep a straight face is beyond me. But maybe the girls in KLK are using their pain as strength to keep fighting.

    • Hahaha. Good point. That’s why big boobs are not an entirely good thing. At least, that’s how it is in women’s POV.
      Since KLK is a women-empowering anime (sort of), it just makes sense that Ryuuko and Satsuki would never show their pained expressions to their minions.

  6. I enjoyed the series, but I did not think too hard about the unrealistic physics. In any sci-fi show you have to suspend disbelief.

    As great as the transforming scenes were, I think that they did use them over and over again too much.

    • I actually didn’t comment on how unrealistic those bouncy boobs were. In fact, all transformations are unrealistic (those light beams?). xD I just went to comment that they must have hurt if the transformation were to happen in real life.

  7. Haha! 😛 One of the most surprising posts by you, never thought you would post on something like this. 😀

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