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Anime Vios is an anime blog run and maintained by yours truly. If you’re wondering, Vios (more accurately spelled with the acute accent on ‘i’, Víos) is the reading of a Greek word for “life”. This is because the blog was opened with the sole intention of bringing up life lessons that we can derive from watching anime or reading manga. Aside from anime, the blog also features manga and Japanese music, two things that I also love and consume regularly.


This blog was opened in May 2014 and originally named miharusshi’s anime life lessons in Blogger, where I published the first two posts that still reflect the main intention of this blog. Realizing that being fixated on a single purpose for the blog is rather restrictive, I renamed the blog to Anime Raifu, or AniRa for short, since it is easier to remember. The aftereffects of watching No Game No Life influenced me to use the romaji spelling for ‘life’. That period laid the path which this blog has undertaken.

After finding out that a real life friend, cladinblue, had already started publishing in his own blog earlier this year, I finally decided to move my anime blog in June 2014 to WordPress, which I found easier to use and navigate. Until December 30, 2014, the blog ran under the name AniRa. The blog is now named Anime Vios, which sounds more refreshing while retaining the original meaning.

The Writer

Yours truly, miharusshi, is the sole writer of Anime Vios and my personal blog, Owl Memoria, where I write random stuff outside anime. When I transferred this blog to WordPress, I also applied to write for Kawaranai Mono, cladinblue’s anime blog, where I was welcomed with open arms as the third writer in the said blog.

I am currently a graduating student in my university, trying to earn a degree in Food Science. Aside from watching anime, reading manga and listening to music in multiple languages, I read some books, enjoy writing short poems, and pet and feed my cat. Unfortunately, I don’t have a camera (or a smartphone) now to show off my cat.

Special Thanks to lysafae, for inspiring me to start my first blog, which in turn fueled me to open my personal anime blog. 🙂


If you wish to contact me, please fill in the contact form below.

34 responses to “About

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    • Mocchan! Thanks for the nomination! I’ll say sorry in advance because it doesn’t look like I can put mine out soon, though. Hope you don’t mind.

      • Don’t worry about it! This one took me two months to do and another one took even longer since I was on hiatus. lol. Whenever is fine, don’t stress about it.

    • Thank you very much for considering me and my blog for yet another Liebster award! 🙂 It’s been a while since I’d done one, so I will do this. Not too soon, though, for which I apologize in advance. Again, thanks!!!

  4. Hello! Ty for visiting my blog >.< btw, this is totally unrelated to anime but how's the Food Science course that you are doing? Actually I once thought about doing it but I chose Economics instead since ….and I'm starting the course in 3 months ! I don't think this course is available in my country – since I never seen it only heard of it -.- or much in Japan (since that's where I will be going to take economics)

    • Food Science/Technology here is actually different from university to university. I mean, the curriculum differs from place to place, so the subjects and apparent focus on what to teach the students are pretty diverse. Some may have more Home Economics-related courses, while others have more industry-relevant interdisciplinary background. The course I’m taking is more of the latter.

      You’re going to study in Japan? Cool!

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  5. Konni chi wa!
    I must Thank you! NOT because you opened a blog, NOT because you changed it’s name, BUT because you are trying to be the change!
    Most of the people, here in India taunt and pass comments on Anime watchers like me…
    According to them, It’s just a “Way-to-pass-time” kinda thing (meant for kids), but I Believe, if they adopt a better perspective, these things are worth watching/reading. I express my deepest love towards Anime and Manga by my blog.
    So, have a nice day and don’t forget to visit me….Till then,
    Mark expressions…
    Leave Impressions…

    • Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment on Anime Vios! I appreciate it. 😀

      I suggest you drop by the blogs on my blogroll, too. By reading their posts, you’ll realize just how diverse and insightful the animeblogosphere can be.

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