My blog is featured in Ninety’s Blog Spotlight, and some life updates and blog projects

Hello, folks!

Umi Kawaii banzai love live

Umi celebrates for me, too! ❤

I’m happy to inform you that my blog–this blog–has been recently featured in Ninety’s Blog Spotlight.

Apparently, I got an email from him more than a month ago, and I somehow didn’t notice it until I did some email cleaning. Putting my carelessness aside, it’s honestly flattering to be included in his personal line up of “look at these cool aniblog(ger)s you people need to check out.” I never dreamed the chance would arrive one day. But here it is anyway.

Again, thank you for choosing Anime Vios for the return of Blog Spotlight, Ninety! I had fun answering your set of questions, and I think that’s what helped me slowly get back the groove of blogging.

Speaking of the future of my blog, I do have some projects in mind. Hopefully I can do them justice.

  • Dissecting Pages (manga)/Frames (anime) – Personally I want to exercise my analysis on art, and what better way is there than to start with the manga pages and panels (or for anime’s case frames)? Posts under this project would most likely contain manga pages and accompanying text that would help make sense of the drawings and placement of scenes into panels. I already have the first title in mind, and I’m looking forward to writing it! How about posts about certain anime? I’d probably do something like an episode note. What inspired this are: these old blog posts on manga criticism (pt 1, pt 2); Digibrah’s multi-episode analyses on Evangelion (particularly episodes 1 and 2), which I think I should rewatch; and Zael-chan’s Hibike! posts. Lastly, these posts may come infrequently because I would obviously need more time to think and write them!
  • Miharusshi’s Animanga Digest, a.k.a MAD – My perfect naming sense makes a comeback! So here’s the idea behind this new series of posts. I’m following a lot of blogs on WordPress already, but I frankly have no time to check each and every one of them. Ones I only get to read are from the updates of the people I follow on twitter. Think of it as my means of staying updated with what’s in around the blogosphere and connected with fellow bloggers. This is in a way like the Reference Resource Mondays of OASG. But since this is my blog and I get to do anything with it, MAD posts will link to any interesting/enlightening/educational/[insert more, similar adjectives] blog posts or articles that I get to read. These will be published once~twice a month, considering my busy schedule and slow, unreliable internet access. If you want me to read a particular article by you or other people, don’t be shy to shoot me a tweet or PM @miharusshi. I don’t recommend you to send me an email of your post (see About), but you may as well do that only if you absolutely don’t have a twitter.

Oh yeah, I signed up for this year’s Secret Santa by the Reverse Thieves. It’s going to be my first time participating in this celebrated blogger event, so I’m pretty excited to know whom I’m gonna be SS for.

Shameless plug: I also made another tumblr blog on a whim. Let’s call it my Sakuga Dump blog. It’s exactly what it says–a space for me to upload whichever animated cuts I instinctively find to be impressive. And I can go look them up later on sakugabooru, if there’s an artist and whatnot. Tumblr has a big anime fan community, so it should be a good place to spread sakuga enthusiasm.

Now for some things I wasn’t particularly hiding from everyone:

  • I finally have a job, even if it’s a 3-month contractual job where I don’t get employee benefits. But all is well–it’s a good place to start, and it has helped me get less of the depression cycles I often had in the last couple of months. And I’ve actually been working for a month now.
  • Generally, at least, I feel good about myself. It’s not a simple thing to ask me to like, or love, myself.
  • That’s thanks to the many people who’ve helped me get through the toughest times of my life. If we’re friends here in the blogging scene and/or anitwitter, chances are you’re one of those people I’m deeply grateful to. Quoting Alex-senpai, it must have been because of my “persistence in face of hardship” that I got a pretty solid and reliable support system right behind me.
  • Yeah, I get that there’s nothing wrong in being vulnerable. However, I still sometimes wonder if I’m annoying anyone, both online and IRL. And just having anxiety on top of that makes me feel horrible about worrying. Everyone’s–family and friends’–efforts on keeping my desire to stay alive are for naught… is what I think other people might be thinking about me and my problems. But, really, it’s nothing like that. It’s something more… on the inside–more intrinsic–and less anything to do with my awesome support system.
  • Most of the time, I’m we’re not looking for any advice. I We just need listening ears and understanding hearts. The world seriously needs more humans with those qualities, and it would certainly be a damn better, gentler place to live in.

Whew. That felt great. Finally managed to write something that isn’t a blog award. I hope I didn’t bore you with my ramblings. Thanks for reading!

And Happy Halloween!

umi halloween love live scary


6 responses to “My blog is featured in Ninety’s Blog Spotlight, and some life updates and blog projects

  1. Hey, nice to see you’re still keeping your blog alive :p I’m looking forward to seeing your analysis on manga panels/anime frames.

    Also, nice to see you’re doing well IRL as well. Happy Halloween to you as well :p

  2. I apologize ahead of time if you’re my Secret Santa, I think it’s getting difficult to find good (recent) anime that I haven’t seen. I am pumped to see which series/movies are given to me because I’ve found some very good series in past years. (This will be the fourth time I participate.)

    I haven’t had the chance to blog much lately but let’s see if I can whip up a post worthy of emailing you about – since I absolutely don’t have a twitter. 🙂

    I also haven’t had much time to read anime blogs lately – which I feel bad about. However, I’m glad to see you’re doing good. Love those Haikyuu gifs and Happy Halloween!

      • I have this huge love for Noragami since I’ve read this season’s arcs in the manga beforehand. And I say they were beautifully done in the anime too. Gotta catch up, though.

        I feel kinda iffy towards OPM since I find the gags repetitive. But count me in for the glorious animation!

    • Sorry for the late response.

      Don’t worry, I’m not your Secret Santa, but I sure had fun going through my list and checking out which ones my SS person would probably end up liking.

      Oh, and speaking of my MAD project, I haven’t yet written the first issue. Maybe around the end of December I will make on, since it’s likely bloggers are more active during this period.

      And thanks for the kind words^^ It’s a bit too early but Happy Holidays!

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