A list of some of the blogs that I like reading. I read a lot of other blogs that aren’t included in this list, though. I will probably add more if I’ve read enough posts on their blogs.

It’s kind of amazing how friendly the aniblogging community is. Although much of the list is one-sided admiration on my part, I made some friends here that write amazingly well. I love reading their posts, so I suggest you check out their blogs, too!

For anime and similar interests (manga, games, figures)

  • 1000paperwishes – AnonymousMatcha‘s a pretty good writer. I love the “aesthetics” in her essays; they paint beautiful, albeit sometimes forlorn, stories worth seeing.
  • Anime Cataclysm – Daniel’s anime reviews which follow MAL’s standard formula
  • Anime Instrumentalityzzeroparticle and company’s Godly anime music reviews, both anisongs  and OSTs. I can’t help but be lost in this beautiful  oasis of words and, of course, music.
  • Anijubo. – Copy-pasted text from his previous anime blog name, The Mystic Otaku: Anime reviews by a much younger anime blogger friend, Winny. Funnily enough, he appears to constantly change his blog theme and layout–and I’m guilty of this kind of indecisiveness. (Yes, this is the third time he changed his blog’s name, though I can’t count how many times he’s already changed his blog’s theme. I’m probably more prudent than him in this regard, at least.)
  • Bubu-Chan Adventures – Bubu-chan‘s (Elle’s) figure collection is huge, she now badly needs a room just for her beloved anime figures!
  • Beneath the Tangles – I should mention that TWWK‘s (Charles’) blog, which highlights the intersection of Christianity and anime, has helped me stay sane in this somewhat chaotic blogosphere. He’s got a cool crew to back it up.
  • Dad Watches Anime – madreceiver isn’t as mad as he seems! He’s, in fact, a very cool dad to his two anime-loving sons. What a warm anime-loving family. He writes about anime with parenthood in mind–what’s good and what might be not suitable for children to watch.
  • Draggle’s Anime Blog – Who doesn’t love this friendly seastar? Draggle‘s blog is your go-to episodic review blog if you want it concise.
  • Deluscar – This fellow Gintama, yuri, and Hatsune Miku fan is my cool neighbor from Brunei. Kai churns out impressive posts about topics he likes, like games, games, and games. Oh, and anime!
  • Fantastic Memes – My first anitwitter senpai. Frog-kun is not just funny and friendly; he’s really smart, too. I deeply admire his intellect, and that’s why his blog’s community is pretty loyal. P.S. He was the head of Nanodesu’s Oregairu project.
  • Fujinsei – Arria-chan is my first anime blogger friend, and she’s a Filipina, too! She consistently writes about anime and shares other interesting Japanese culture stuff. Did I mention she does seiyuu radio show translations, too? Yeah. Awesome, right?
  • Kawaranai Mono AniBurogu – Cladinblue, an IRL friend, started this blog before I created my own. Though not as popular as mine, his blog contains some editorials and reviews that I think should be read by more people. And heck, why not, I also write here occasionally because I joined the group. Heartspan is lazier than I am, though.
  • Kitsune’s Thoughts – How do I put it. I feel like I’m always reading a periodical whenever I read Kitsune‘s posts. They’re a combination of science-y informative and fun! Like me, he also has deep appreciation towards Japanese music. Though I’m pretty sure he knows A LOT more than I do!
  • Leap250’s Blog – Who would’ve thought we belong to the same University? Leap‘s an awesome dude who writes at his blog in a much relaxed schedule, as his blog subtitle obviously says. But look at his blog, he’s got tons of worthwhile stuff for us to read!
  • Mocorochi – Mocchan writes episodic anime and K-drama recaps. I can’t help but smile at her posts written with that attitude of certainty and honesty.
  • Nendoroid Cuties – Somewhat of the same ilk as Bubuchan’s, mahouidol‘s blog also covers anime and manga. She’s got interesting ongoing projects that, as far as I know, no one before her has thought of. Brave soul.
  • Nikki no Otaku – Though I sometimes feel like she’s reading me, Nikki is a very pleasant gal to talk with. One can see the energy she pours into her blog. Sincere fangirl.
  • the beautiful world – Run by beautiful real-life partners, FoxyLadyAyame and Neko-chi, this blog is a well of utterly great fangirl posts. They also take a serious stance on sexuality and lesbianism, as shown on their popular blog posts.
  • The Null Set – Steelbound still hasn’t yielded to our calls to have him on twitter. He is a nice guy, though! I completed his anime quizzes which basically opened the path for me to have my own voice at his blog.
  • The Reviewer’s Corner – Josef loves his waifus, and it shows on his blog. He’s got a lot of love for the medium, even though it was just recently that he turned into a fan. He tweets a lot!
  • Viewers Discretion is Advised – The Dandy reviews anime! He’s straightforward, keeping his reviews and replies to comments short and straight to the point (with wit).
  • Washi’s BlogWashi spends quality time for quality posts on sakuga people/animation industry. How can I not appreciate that?
  • World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko – Meet Hoshiko, a veteran anime blogger. He is a tech nerd and also collects figures!
  • Wraithseeker – An anime fan and a mobile app developer? Cool!
  • Yuri Nation – OG-Man is the Yuri Nation headmaster, and I’m much obliged to lurk in his blog to further my yuri knowledge.
  • Zyrogate Faine – Leslie is my twin and comrade in anime lessons, but is actually more dedicated to the calling than I am. Teeheepero~

Friends outside the aniblogosphere

Updated: 7 July 2015

18 responses to “Blogroll

  1. Hello, I created blog about a certain light novel analysis “yahari ore no seishun love come wa machigatteiru” and blogroll for exchanging link. I want to exchange link if you don’t mind. I see your blog is clean and interesting, that’s why I love your blog.

    This is my blog.

    Hope to receive your answer soon. :3

    Ps. If you ever read oregairu light novel, maybe my blog is useful to you more or less.

    • Hi. Thanks for expressing interest on my blog. For link exchange, I’ve set a new rule that I haven’t written down yet. Since it seems your blog is new, I might have to wait for at least 3 more months before I can put you on my links. This is to make sure that I only include active blogs in my blogroll. I hope you understand. 🙂

      And yes, I read the first 4 volumes of Oregairu, but I don’t know when I’ll get to finish the rest of the series now that I’m a busy.

      • It’s fine and I’m glad you visited my blog. :3
        So you still have long path in light novel. It’s very interesting especially in vol 8 and 10.
        ps. Hope you will read my update soon.

  2. What do you mean reserved? This Greek Adonis lives to make short comments that encapsulates the hearts of the world. Or the length may just depend on how tired I am when I write them. Either is true.

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  4. I am interested with doing this. I started doing one of these awhile ago, although I only have one person on it so far. If you add me to this I will add you to mine. As a side note I agree with the fact on how this community is. I only started a few months ago but several people have helped me out. My blog is Reviewer’s Corner where I do anime, manga, and comic reviews and discussions.

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