Blog Awards

I’m supposed to put my blog award badges where they’re easily seen, most preferably in a text widget. But with the number of nominations I may garner (and entertain!) throughout my aniblogging life, I figured it would be best not to clog up my sidebar with too many thumbnails. Hence, I am putting them all together here. Neat, isn’t it?

Without further ado, here they are. Just click on any of the badge.

Liebster Award 2014 (nominated by SakuraNamikaze)

Liebster Award 2015 v.1 (nominated by FabledHunter and madreceiver)

Sunshine Award 2015 (nominated by Dandylion13 and Winny)

Liebster Award 2015 v.2 (nominated by nohbrowsdandylion13dranimaniacunscripted, and Ruki)