The Sunshine Award

Have you ever wondered why some Sunshine Award badges take the form of a… sunflower? Instead of looking for an answer, which is probably as plain and boring as “… because sunflower has the SUN in sunshine!”, I’m just going to use my own favicon as my custom badge. (I love making custom stuff!) My nominees may or may not use the same badge. 

Or you may enlighten me.

Before anything, I’d like to thank Dandylion13 and Winny for nominating me. Thank you! (Oh boy, this reminds me of my three pending Liebster Award nominations. Oops.)

Having done two Liebster Award posts before, I assure you that Sunshine Award doesn’t differ a lot from Liebster. The only difference I can spot is that this has, apparently, only seven questions while Liebster has up to 11. Of course, the purpose behind these nominations and awards is to get to know other bloggers, sort of advertising each other to their own readers. It’s a friendly gesture. There’s no harm in trying to answer and pass it on, but a nominee also has the right to decline.

A short recap of how this works: Thank the person(s) who nominated you > Answer their questions > Nominate others > Present your questions for them to answer > Notify them > Put the award badge on your blog

Now all the introductory stuff is out of the way, let’s get this done.

Dandylion13’s Questions

1. What made you start blogging? 

More than a year ago, a sudden realization hit me. “Oh, I think I want to share my thoughts and insights from watching this anime or reading that manga.” Japanese geeky visual media has some nice things to say that others, even non-fans, might find interesting. Now that I think about it, that sounds plain. (Haha)

2. What are your favourite anime series? 

I don’t keep an actual list of favorites because that’ll require to spend a lot of my energy and time just thinking which series I should and should not include. For now I will just play it safe and say that FMA: Brotherhood first comes to mind. Then there’s Code Geass (the entirety of it). And Gintama (everything that is Gintama). And Hunter x Hunter. And I can actually say I love Gin no Saji (again, the entirety of it). This might go on and on if I don’t stop here.

3. What is the funniest thing that has happened in your life?

I don’t know if this sounds funny to you. When I was in high school, I was so excited to borrow this one book from the library (I forgot which one, though) that I ran swiftly. I forgot that the floor was kind of slippery (or almost frictionless?). You can guess what happened next. My butt hurt a lot. And man, people around me witnessed the whole thing and I just stared back at them and laughed sheepishly for my clumsiness.

But if that wasn’t enough, here’s another story. First year of high school. In a room full of teenagers (including me), a foul scent spread. It smelt like fart. A classmate complained, “Who the hell just released his ominous gases?!” No one answered. Of course, who would in a situation like that? Of course, I wouldn’t.

4. Outside of blogging what is a hobby that you enjoy?

Watching anime and reading manga? Of course, that’s a given. What else? Hmmm. I’m getting into reading novels lately, so maybe that counts. Also, it is a given that I listen to music almost everyday.

(See #4, Winny’s questions below)

5. If you are watching the new anime season, what is your favourite anime? If you are not, what was a show or movie that you recently watched that you really enjoyed?

Since this nomination was sent last season (Spring 2015), I guess I have to answer this using my spring anime watch list. The only two shows I was actively keeping up with were Hibike! Euphonium and Sidonia no Kishi. And yes, I love both series. I can’t really pick my one and only favorite among the two. I haven’t finished Oregairu Zoku at the moment, but I’m delighted by what I have seen.

6. What is your favourite live-action television series?

Does this only pertain to American/Western series? Are Eastern series also allowed? Anyhow, I don’t watch Western TV series. I mean, BBC’s Sherlock is the only thing I’ve seen. Benedict Cumberbatch The series is really close to my heart.

sherlock benedict cumberbatch


Among Eastern TV series, my favorites are Seigi no Mikata (Japanese) and My Love from the Star (Korean). I just love it when these squinted eye neighbors never fail to make me laugh and fall in love.

While it isn’t very phenomenal, The Rich Man’s Daughter is the only local television series I am truly interested in. But I’ve already missed three week’s worth of episodes. At least I know I can always marathon it whenever I want to. And with English subs, too (not that I even need them in the first place, but it’s really cool however I try to think of it). Hurrah!

7. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

As much wood as a woodchuck would chuck if the woodchuck could chuck wood

Winny’s Questions

1. What made you decide to start blogging?

See #1 from Dandylion13’s questions

2. Who is your inspirational role model (can be either real or fiction) and why do you look up to them?

Some people I know in real life, because they’re “reachable”, I guess?

3. Are you a fan of sports? Why/why not?

I don’t think I’m a fan, as in, someone who actively follows sports teams and/or athletes. I don’t hate sports. In fact, I enjoy watching most sports-themed anime and I (used to) play basketball and some badminton. I wished that I could play baseball, too, after watching Major–yes, the anime. It’s just that I’m not too fond of the “business” thing going on around sports, though that’s what makes those matches and games more entertaining. In other words, I like sports in itself but I wouldn’t spend my time and energy on them.

(Maybe in another life, I’d rather be an athlete than a fan, but I’d still watch and fangirl over sports guys who play sports and sweat a lot in my animu)

4. What sort of music do you listen to?

My music taste is hard for me to describe. You be the judge. Here are some screenshots of my iTunes library:

Or you can take a look at my profile. Maybe we can compare our music preferences.

5. What’s the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?

What’s weird for me may not be weird for you. Excuses aside, I can’t think of a “weird” event in my life. I lead a pretty lackluster life.

6. Do tell us your favourite novel, and why you enjoy it so?

My favorite right now is The Giver by Lois Lowry. You see, I’m not a reader (as I hinted in #4, Dandylion13’s question). It was when I finally read this book that I realized how deadly it is for my well-being, if I really want to learn a lot, to not have read anything. It’s not like I interact with a lot of people nor watch a lot of stuff on the television or cinemas to know more about this world, about humans, or just how humans think and behave. It’s precisely because I read The Giver that I became awakened and aware of the curiosity that I’d unknowingly put down to sleep for a long time. Really, that book is a life-changer for me.

7. Finally, do you see yourself continuing your blog in, say, five years time?

I can’t say for sure. But now that I’ve reached my first year milestone, I’m setting the fifth year as my goal. But I really can’t say if I’ll remain blogging about anime by then. And as stated in my anniversary post, it wouldn’t be strange if my blog goes on indefinite hiatus any time. Time will tell.

Time to pass this on to these cute bloggers: ClarityRence, Mangataku-kun, DF, MatchaAshley and Thuy. Here are my questions for you:

  1. This may be weird to ask, but what do you love about blogging/writing?
  2. Name some bloggers/writers you look up to. Why do you look up to them?
  3. Have you ever owned a pet? Why or why not?
  4. Name an/some anime you thought was/were decent and tried to like or love but couldn’t.
  5. Briefly list some of your favorite movies and what you like and dislike about them.
  6. Do you have other hobbies aside from consuming anime/manga/LN/VN–or basically aside from Japanese visual goods?
  7. Since it’s still the buzz these days, kindly share your honest thoughts about same-sex marriage.

Have a nice day, everyone!

31 responses to “The Sunshine Award

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  3. Anyway, this is just a brief comment but I LOOOOOOOVE your Horimiya banner. So romantic!!!! And HOOOT!!!

    • O_O At first I asked myself, “W-what? I have a Horimiya banner? B-but where?”

      That actually isn’t Horimiya. It’s from the yuri webcomic, Their Story, which I wrote about. Remember?

      On second look, the two do kinda resemble Hori and Miyamura. Nice observation!

      • What?!!!!!

        They really look like the couple from Horimiya. But oh well. I stand corrected. Haha. Anyway, that black-haired girl is HOT!

        • Yes, really. XD

          HNNNNNG. I know, right? I really have a huge crush on Sun Jing (the black haired chic)! She’s a bit boyish, but there’s that gap moe when you see her feminine features! I can see why she’s in love with Qiu Tong, too! I love them both, if I have to be really honest!

        • I haven’t read it. But the art looks very nice. I’m currently on a shounen/seinen phase, so I’m not in the mood to read some romance manga/manhwa, but I’ll check it out after it out one of these days.

          (muttering to self: I really can’t believe that it’s not the couple from “Horimiya”.)

        • (talks to self: now I can’t UNsee Hori and Miyamura right there… I think I need to read the webcomic to reset this.)

        • Ahaha. My bad. It seems that it’s my fault for putting the idea inside your head. But still, I really like that particular image header. It’s so romantic.

        • I know the feeling.

          Wait. . .

          If they haven’t kissed yet, then does that mean that the image from your banner is fanart?

        • Not fanart in the strictest sense of the word, since Tan Jiu (the mangaka) himself drew it. Think of it as a promotional poster for the webcomic!

  4. Congrats, Miha-chan! Way to go on these awards. Return to blogging soon. We miss you. Cheers!

    • D’awww. Thank you.

      I was actually thinking of nominating you, too, but then I remember you owe me a lot–Liebster and that Inspector Green Tag thing. Hah! Rest assured I’m not going to increase your debts any time soon.

      • Oh no. I thought you’ve already forgotten those! Ahahaha!!!

        I’ll think about it. Ahaha.

        (hiding slowly from sight)

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  6. Gintama is AMAZING! My friends and I always talk about Gintama. When we went to Anime North this year we went to a restaurant and the waitress asked what we wanted on our burgers and we answered MAYONAISEU! (Okay we didn’t just get mayo that would disgusting, but that was the joke.)God, Gintama is a great show.

    Sherlock is a great show, I own it all on Bluray and it always keeps me entertained. Also your story about sliding down the stairs is very similar to mine, but I fell down the stairs into the girl I liked… let’s just say it didn’t work out. Thanks for the answers.

    • How nice. Meanwhile, I only have one friend with whom I can talk about and fangirl over Gintama. But we don’t always meet up because she lives two cities away from mine. OTL But yeah, we used to live in the same dormitory in college, and I was really glad when I found out she watched some of Gintama. She still hasn’t finished it, though.

      And lol mayonnaise! (Nasty stuff… jk! Peace, Hijikata. Peace!)

      Wow. How much did the Sherlock blu-ray cost you?

      Oh my, here I am imagining a Yamajo-esque scene in my head. Oh well, at least it’s all in the past. 😀

      Thanks for the nomination, too! Gave me something to do in this semi-inactive blog.

      • I think it was $70 for the three seasons of Sherlock. Gintaman is so much fun to watch. No problem on the nomination, keep up your semi-inactive blog.

        • Is $70 considered cheap there? If I were to convert that to PHP, it’s kinda expensive but reasonable enough (maybe even a tad cheaper) for the whole 3 seasons.

        • $70 is not really cheap, but I did not buy them all at once, I bought them when they were released. So it was not as bad on my wallet.

        • Yeah, it was like $90 and it came with two plastic busts. One of Sherlock and one of Watson, that were supposed to be used as bookends.

        • Ohhh, that seems too good!!! That would’ve been too costly for you (and your wallet), but the “bonuses” are truly fan materials.

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  8. You listen to a lot of music from different countries. Ironically, I didn’t see any Tagalog songs on that pic you posted lol. Do you listen to any Tagalog songs?

    Also, I can get what you feel about reading. I feel that way even though I spend hours of my day reading! There’s so much stuff out there that it’s impossible to satisfy one’s curiosity entirely, I think. I always feel very ignorant :’)

    • Froggy, you missed the most played track in my music library! That’s actually an OPM (Original Pilipino Music–sounds cheesy, but ok) track. The artist, Yeng Constantino, is one of my few favorites from the local artists.

      I don’t know. It’s just that most songs here are ‘generic’ in style and don’t have a lot of variety. So it’s usually a meh for me. But I do have some favorites like Yeng Constantino (as mentioned), Asin (this folk music band in the late 70’s rose to prominence because of their socially relevant pieces that easily resonated with the Filipino masses under the Marcos regime), Up Dharma Down (this band oozes with style and eargasmic vocals), Mayonnaise, and Silent Sanctuary, to name a few. I hope you give them a try! Shameless plugging at its best. Teeheepero~

      That’s so true! Humans, by nature, are very curious creatures, though it is up to the individuals what to do with and for that unquenchable thirst for knowledge. It doesn’t help that we have the highest intelligence among animals, too. XD The more we read and know, the more we realize that there’s actually a whole lot more stuff we do not know! But I find that knowing that is ironically very humbling. As Hanekawa always says, “I don’t know everything. I only know what I [happen to] know.”

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