Colloquium: Kai and Miharusshi Talk Gintama

Last weekend, KaiPercival of deluscar bestowed upon me the chance of doing a collaboration post with him, celebrating Gintama’s return on TV after more than two years of disappearance. At first I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if I’m going to do the post any justice. Thankfully, I was pretty much on full gear and we wrote like bosses. The result is a bit too humongous and may be intimidating to read. But more than that, I hope you find our post an enjoyable read! If you have any reaction, don’t hesitate to drop a comment here or at Kai’s blog. I’m going to check both sides and respond as much as I can. Better yet, confess that you’re a Gintama fan (if you are one)! We’d love to know more Gintama fans. 😛

For the love of Gintama! Cheers~

Read the full post here.

6 responses to “Colloquium: Kai and Miharusshi Talk Gintama

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  3. I just started watching Gintama. I read some of the conversation, but realize I am in way over my head as far as knowledge. I should come back to it when I have more episodes under my belt. 🙂

    • That’s a good progress, though! At least you’re getting there. You know, in Gintama wonderland~ Hope you’re having great time with Gintama, though it’s not recommended for your kids at the moment.

      • Gintama is pretty good. I love it’s random sense of humor and the breaking of the fourth wall it will do at times. And…Yeah, I wouldn’t let my younger son watch it, the 15 year old would be okay, but the 11 year old not so much. 🙂

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