Himouto! Umaru-chan Ep 1 – We won’t get along

himouto umaruMost people, if not all, are two-faced but can also be multi-faceted. At times, one maintains a certain image whenever he finds himself surrounded by a particular group. In other words, we can even have as many personae as the circles we inevitably have to associate with throughout our lives. If we think about it, these circles have blurry boundaries and may intersect in varying degrees. But I digress.

Himouto! Umaru-chan, an anime I would’ve never taken a look at if it weren’t for the GIFs and the screenshots from anitwitters who seem to be enjoying the show. I know I made a promise with myself to only watch NNB Repeat and Working!!! for this season, but I sneakily decided to give this a shot anyway.

The show’s spotlight is on the titular protagonist Umaru, a perfect, ideal high school girl by day but an otaku by night—a super lazy one at that. Yes, Umaru is a two-faced moe girl. As others have put it, she’s basically the representation of anitwitter folks. She has this cute, hamster-like appearance every time she turns into her shittweeter mode. Well, for a moment I thought I was watching my life in anime format, which made me feel disturbed rather than delighted. Seems like its appeal is mainly because of its setup, but I doubt it’ll get anywhere further, or deeper, than that.

I also felt like I was watching the spiritual successor of Oreimo, which we’ve all seen enough of. An imouto who throws tantrums when her otaku needs aren’t satisfied by her oh-so-good onii-chan is just not my cup of tea. I’d love to watch it for the animation and cuteness, but I fear the minuses will outweigh the plusses for me. And so, this is another Doga Kobo show I am not watching. For now, perhaps until I change my mind.

This was really cute, though.

This was really cute, though.

8 responses to “Himouto! Umaru-chan Ep 1 – We won’t get along

  1. I guess it’s hard to laugh when an anime interprets an aspect of life in a comedic way-an “aspect” which some may find a bit too realistic to laugh at D:

    • Yeah, you might like this. I also thought I’d like this, but I can’t really explain why I hadn’t had a single genuine laugh from the first episode.

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