Carpe diem


Album art for “carpe diem”, Aqua Timez 4th studio album (kudos to the photographer and album art director!)

As I was browsing some wiki pages of Aqua Timez, this photo struck me suddenly and emotions and ideas filled my kokoro. I have known since forever that this has been the album art for one of their studio albums, but I’d never really given it much thought before. And now, it seems so perfect and beautiful.


“Seize the day” is what you might be thinking right after you read the post title. That’s right. That is what the phrase carpe diem is meant to feel or make people think, albeit that might not have been the original meaning or sense behind the words.

A more popular and mainstream equivalent of the phrase in our generation is YOLO. Honestly and personally though, I don’t like that phrase very much, thus I will be crushing it out even here. Just hearing it from people who are inclined to follow trends makes me roll into a ball, because some of them make it sound easy and quite jokingly, even if the words YOLO stands for are true in the most literal sense. Even if you keep saying “YOLO! YOLO!” after a big quote-and-quote adventure, you just can’t expect others to follow what you did, or live a life similar to you or a life full of YOLO-ish adventures. You can’t define YOLO-ish triumphs as the accomplishments of those mission impossible adventures, because the real adventures of each individual is unique. People might meet halfway in their escapades and accompany one another for a certain period, but ultimately, one has his own adventure that he will walk from the beginning till the end of his life.

The photo captures the essence of the original Latin phrase, and quite possibly that of the popular acronym. It’s a perfect shot of a water drop plunging in a pool of water, whose amount may be a thousand or a million times as much as that of the water drop. The colors are added for the effects and, reasonably, for more visibility of the water against a pure white background. You can easily imagine how fast everything happens in this shot, but with the aid of sophisticated technology behind photography, a “moment” within a second–or split-second–was captured with striking beauty. The water drop was “seizing the day” by creating this splash. Although it might have been a mere drop at the beginning, it lived its moment by creating an “impact”, one which is visible and audible and creates waves in its surroundings.

In comparison to our sense of time, the time between a water drop falling and a water drop creating splash until the waves fade away is really a very short one. Human life is also short, but not as short as that of a water drop. We never know when we cease to exist, or when our minds leave our mortal bodies. Yet, we are given a lifetime, which may be as short as a blink of an eye or a water splash for a being greater than us–for a mind greater than that of a human or all of humanity combined.

The past had already went by. The future still exists only in our minds. Take the plunge, for our present exists right now.

3 responses to “Carpe diem

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  2. I agree! Thanks for making a great impact in my life! 🙂 Seize the day dear friend and I quote, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ― Mahatma Gandhi 🙂

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