Attack on Titan retelling on big screen

mainvisualThis might not be the first time you’ve heard about the Shingeki no Kyojin compilation movies because SnK is all over the news/internet now. The first movie, Guren no Yumiya, (covering episodes 1-13) will be shown in theatres on Nov 22 while the second movie (14-25) will be shown next year. The same main staff (Araki Tetsurou, Sawano Hiroyuki, Asano Kyoji) is in charge of the remaster of the series. The official site has already released the trailer for the first movie, and at the time of writing, it already garnered half million views. Wow. That’s just amazing.

According to ANN, the movie will feature all-new voice acting and some included scenes. Also, as seen in the trailer, some scenes in the anime series were modified to add more effect and drama to the already dramatic adaptation and portrayal in the series. That’s thanks to the budget. I don’t mind the reinforced visual and audio effects, since movies are meant to be felt by the viewers inside the movie houses. However, I’m not really a fan of compilation movies since there aren’t really any differences with the original material. They are upgraded versions of whatever they were compiled from. But if it’s the movie experience that we are talking about, and if it’s from a title I really like, I might consider adding it to my plan to watch list.

I’m not sure if this will be welcomed and aired in our country, albeit the anime and manga are already popular, i.e. non-anime fans have also tried watching this and they enjoyed it. But I am still hopeful that there is a chance that it will infiltrate the local cinemas since the biggest local malls have catered to the demands of Rurouni Kenshin and Lupin the Third fans. RuroKen Densetsu no Saigo Hen and Lupin III local screenings begin on Sep 24 and Sep 17, respectively.

The question is: Are you ready for a titan-neck-chopping and human-eating-titan action drama replay?

Other links: ANN, SnK Official

4 responses to “Attack on Titan retelling on big screen

  1. I’d rather have new content over retelling stuff that is already animated. Generally I don’t like movie versions of a series as they just tend to condense things.

    • That’s true, but those movies cater to the needs of the extreme fanboys/girls. Of course, the target audience are those who already saw the series. I think these SnK movies have the upper hand (compared to most anime retelling movies) due to their large fan base. The series was extremely popular that not only anime fans watched it. It was also watched by originally non-anime watchers. And they were hooked. In my opinion, SnK series was created in such a way that fans can truly enjoy watching more than once/twice. 🙂 And I have to admit that if the movies ever show in our country, there’s a high chance I’ll start saving money just to watch them in big screen.

    • There are, albeit *slight*, differences, like the scene with Levi cutting off the back of the neck of that titan. They’ve added more colors to the scenes. All in all, the movie looks a bit more vivid than the TV series. I also think they’ve been reworking on the BD version of the series, which makes it easier for them to upgrade the art and sound. ^^

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