12 Days of Reminiscence #1 – Off to a good start

(This is a part of the series of posts, 12 Days of Christmas, done in my own way.)

Eh, this is basically the last 12 Days post, which is several days late but, anyway, I’m publishing this because I don’t want to owe my future self any debt. And since I started this series, I should properly end it, right?



First of all, I wanna thank the people I met and knew from the past year for making it a memorable first year of my solo anime blogging! You know who you are–or, at least, I trust that you know I’m referring to you, reader! 😀

I immediately dived into this tiny world without knowing the first to-do’s, like an introductory post or blog goals post, but this blog nonetheless managed to have some readers and people who regularly like and comment on my posts. Please take my simple words of gratitude for making me happy!

Arigatou from the bottom of my kokoro

Arigatou from the bottom of my kokoro

Although it hasn’t been a year that I’ve run this blog, nostalgia is bugging me to look back at what meaningless and meaningful things I threw at my readers. Let’s begin at, well, the beginning!

June ~ July 2014

Silence filled my blog back then, when I was still starting to settle on this tiny world and have my own place. Only the souls who got lost on the internet happened to stumble upon this tiny space. Did they find what they wanted here? I doubt they did–there was hardly anything at all. But there were some things I wish they appreciated, even if they found them by accident.

August ~ September 2014

I was still lost in my own blog at this time and the content was all over the place. Though it doesn’t mean I already have a very definite sense of where this blog will head from now on. Still, I had fun writing most of the posts I published within this period.

October ~ November 2014

This was fairly the revolutionary phase of my baby steps in blogging. I actually worked up some courage to try and talk to fellow bloggers out there. And since then, my world view has been expanding. It was getting more fun, and it still is!

December 2014

2014 IRL was also full of good memories, despite how it closed with painful ones which made New Year’s too bland and too silent. From here on, things are going to be a lot more difficult, but I don’t want to lose hope nor I am losing hope! Everything happens and even if we can’t comprehend today for which purpose it takes place, there will come a time we will learn to know and accept why it happened.

And with that, I officially say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015! Cheesy, I know. Looking forward to writing more, publishing more, meeting more people, and everything more!


14 responses to “12 Days of Reminiscence #1 – Off to a good start

  1. I love arigatou picture! Who is this character?

    Aha! Nostalgia already?! You are getting old, Miharusshi! 😛

    I wish you lots of “genki” in this new year of blogging! 🙂

  2. Oh, and you just reminded me of my high school’s motto “Carpe Diem”. Seize the day, baby! It actually used to stress me since I’m an obsessive planner, and I don’t like having such spontaneous words as my motto, but I realized that planning and “Carpe Diem” doesn’t have to be totally exclusive to one another. *sigh* I’m so thankful to my thoughtful teachers back then.

    • Woah, I somehow had this image of you being the eager high school student with a big backpack full with stuff that may or may not be used at school–because they might find their purpose on some other things you will find along the way! Hahaha.

      • Hahaha! You got that right. My locker’s filled with “essential” items that I deemed necessary “just in case”, you know. 😉

        Even now, I find it difficult to leave the house with a small bag. I have great biceps, though, thanks to this. 😀

        • Gahahaha! I was so right! XD

          Same here! I tend to bring other non-school items and pack them into my bags, which are always stuffed. If I think they’re not filled enough, I would always look for other things that I can bring, well, just in case. But lately, I’ve been trying to bring less items if I can because of backaches. x_x

          Same here, too! I have big arms thanks to years of carrying heavy bags with me.

        • High-five! See? I’m not the only one. I get backaches, too! Hahaha! But lately, I’m learning to limit the things I squeeze into my bag.

  3. Aw, very sweet of you to mention me, Miha-chan! I think we started our anime/manga blogs around the same time, so I’m glad to have someone as my blogging buddy. Yes, we’re still learning about our own blogging styles, and I think that creating our own personal blogging community has been a great help in improving our skills. Here’s to hoping to more entertaining & productive blogging experiences this year. Cheers!

    P.S. Blogging buddies like you encourage me to blog & stay connected whenever I feel too lazy to blog (which is often). Let’s have fun this year again, alright?

    • Yeah, we definitely started blogging at the same time, and I’m very amazed to see how far your blog has reached! So, congratulations, Arria-chan! Cheers! This is just the start for me, as well as for you.

      Yep. I’m definitely enjoying my blogging, thanks to people like you! I hope we can still stay connected even if I would have to step down on blogging a bit. It might be sometime early this year.

      • Back at you. Congratulations to you, too, Miha-chan!

        Well, we can’t help “stepping down” from blogging now and again. Life demands other more important responsibilities. Like right now, I’m actually feeling super lazy blogging at the moment but since I have some time before school begins to get hectic again, I’m trying to blog as much as I can.

        Best of luck on your blogging & everyday life. Cheers!

  4. Congrats to your first year! ^.^ I started mine back in 2012, but this was the first year that I was pretty consistent with it and actually interacted more with others, so it kind of feels like my first year even though it isn’t. I wasn’t even planning on coming back to aniblogging, but after some things happened in RL, I came back and I’m glad I did since I met a lot of great people like yourself. 🙂

    Here’s hoping that this year in aniblogging is better than the last…Losing a loved one is one of the worse experiences anyone can go through and I don’t really know what to say to cheer you up, but I hope that one day you and your family will be able to remember your dad and smile as you remember his awesomeness and not cry or feel so bad.

    And if you do, then remember that we’re here for you. We can talk about bouncy breasts and how horrible it really is. I mean, really, those girls probably have some amazing chiropractors because my back would be done if it moved as much as it did on some of those shows.

    • Awww. You’re so sweet, ants might get you. Thanks! And congrats on your first consistent aniblogging year as well! 😀

      Ahahaha, I am still looking for senseless anime things to write and poke fun of those. xD Good thing those physics-defying bouncy breasts only happen in anime.

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