So I Am Taking the 30 Day Anime Challenge, But In A Different Way

I’ve seen this challenge taken by many anime enthusiasts and ever since, I’ve been so interested in participating in this fun challenge as well. This will not only serve as a personal bookmark of the anime which fit into the descriptors in every day indicated in the challenge, but the series of posts are a good opportunity for thorough discussions with fellow anime enthusiasts. Of course, I’ll be revealing my anime taste by doing this; however, I thought that embracing our differences is also a part of the challenge. That means accepting the challenge isn’t purely a one-sided approach on talking about anime.

Why take the challenge now?

I’ve really thought hard about this, and even more so when I read that a friend, ariacross, is finally rolling up her sleeves. Seeing a friend do the challenge is a good enough reason to be propelled to do the same. If we take it almost simultaneously, we might be able to discuss along the differences in our answers. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

But why didn’t I take the challenge before?

Well, I was quite hesitant because I cannot trust the unstable internet connection in our country. Furthermore, I am sure that I wouldn’t be able to consistently post every day, and that’s mainly due to my limited online time at night. My university is so far and I only commute to school now, giving me around six hours at best to do everything at home—including eating, other house chores, and homework. Lately though, I’ve been staying late at school because of various activities that have to be attended. I am not complaining at all. In fact, these activities are my way of spending my college days with friends and having fun with my work in the organization. And because of that, I dive directly onto my bed and drift into the deep sleep, leaving most of the work on weekends as a result.

miharusshi's 30 WEEK ANIME CHALLENGE

In order to address the aforementioned concerns, while leaving open time for discussions with anyone who drops by this blog, I have decided to diverge from the usual method. Although the content is the same, I am naming this series the 30-WEEK ANIME CHALLENGE for myself. Every Friday, I will publish my answers here. I am fully aware that it’d take quite a long time to complete. Note that this is my own way of taking the challenge, since I do not feel completely bound by the conventional rules. I’m only exercising my freedom. I am a Divergent.

Please look forward to my first answer! 🙂

11 responses to “So I Am Taking the 30 Day Anime Challenge, But In A Different Way

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  5. Yay! High-five, my friend. We’re going to take this challenge together. I’m so excited! Well, I’m not going to post everyday, as well. But it’s okay. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to post everyday, and I’ve seen other anime bloggers who do this every week. Best of luck! Looking forward to your posts.

      • Don’t worry too much about it. Even if there is a rule that says we have to post everyday, we can just bend it or make completely new rules for ourselves. 😉

        • Haha. Yeah. And that’s why I even went to the trouble of renaming the challenge. Well, I personally want this to be my trademark, or, at least, a new benchmark for those who are yet to take the challenge.

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