Site changes – Anime Vios and new theme

Just a few things that have changed: Aniblog title and blog theme. I’m an indecisive person, you see. When I actually started reading anime blogs, I realized that the previous name of this site was too weeaboo, and that I didn’t really think hard to come up with it. Plus, I was also dissatisfied with the previous looks of my blog.

Yay! I sincerely hope these changes would last.

Yay! I sincerely hope these changes would last.

Site Title

Anime Raifu (raifu = life) is no more, but its spirit and essence still remain in the new name. I’ve finally renamed my blog. Hurrah!

It should actually be Anime βίος (read as Anime Vee -yos), but this is hard to read. That’s why I went with the romanized spelling, Anime Vios, where Vios is more accurately written as Víos–‘i’ has an acute accent above it. I literally translated ‘Life‘ in Google Translate to different languages, such as Italian, Greek, and German. The sound of the Greek word is pretty nice, so I chose it.

It’s funny that I actually went over the most played anime songs in my music player, planning to use a song title for the new blog name. Imagine my effort–I listed the possible names to choose from, only to resort to Google Translate.

At least, the chosen name's actually meant to be chosen. Can you guess which songs these are?

At least, the chosen name’s actually meant to be chosen. Can you guess which anisongs these are?

Blog Theme

How many times has it been that I have changed the overall look of this blog?


Chitoge, the first mascot of this blog, ponders the question

Long story short, it went like this: Reddle (I don’t remember how my blog looked like back then–I didn’t publish anything at this point) > Pachyderm (too pink and girly for me) > zBench (gray was initially cool, but got dull to look at in the long run) > Adaption (the two side bars are confusing) > Plane

That’s quite a lot of changes, huh?

So I finally settled with the Plane theme, which looks rather new for an anime blog, since I haven’t seen another aniblog that uses this theme. It looks a lot cleaner than the previous theme. Even the site banner and social media buttons were modified to fit this theme’s color scheme. If there’s something I’m not happy with it, it’s that my own comments cannot be distinguished from the readers’ comments. The other themes, zBench and Adaption, are better in this aspect. One interesting point is that this is the first time I have used a theme that utilizes a serif typeface for the post content. Now my blog looks sort of professional, though there’s no such thing as professional output here. Overall, I am contented with this look.

That’s all, I guess.

22 responses to “Site changes – Anime Vios and new theme

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  2. Congratulations! A new blog title and look! Yay! Everything is easy to find and looks good – I like it! 😀

    That chibi is so cute! haha

    It must have taken a long time to go over your music library! D: Well, the key is that you found the right title! The Sore Feet would have been hilarious though XD

    I’ll enjoy reading many new post here! Don’t worry about appearing “professional” in theme or writing – be yourself and follow your heart! 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear that. 🙂

      If you’re wondering, the chibi is Takanashi Rikka from Chuu2koi Lite, the short specials of the main series (Chuu2koi).

      It took me days to finally settle with this blog title. Hahaha. The Sore Feet sounds cute, though. Among the song names, it was, like, my second choice.

      Thanks again!

    • My thoughts exactly, Kitsune. High-five! You’re definitely right. I don’t think we should worry about being “professional” and just be ourselves. I think that being too much of a professional, especially when it comes to blogging, will result in being “too stiff”.

  3. Yes, I noticed! I prefer your new theme. It looks cleaner, simpler, and easier to navigate. Good decision! Interesting new blog name.

      • Right. Oh, and I like your new avatar. Especially the cat. I love cats! I think I was a cat in a previous life. ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ

        • I was actually considering another picture of Rukia, the one where she wore a suits and she bit a lace– she’s so cool there! But then I found this photo and immediately liked it. :> Its colors are simple, but it really looks friendly. Hahaha.

          So you’re a cat person, too, arria-chan! 🙂 Wait, dogs or cats? Choose either one, please.

        • I’m glad that you chose this one. This one looks cuter based on what you’re saying. Indeed, it looks friendly.

          I like both, but without a doubt, I LOVE cats. If I’m an animal, I would be a cat. Definitely. How about you?

        • Of course, cats. :3 I like dogs, but mostly when they’re young puppies when the cuteness levels are above my HNNNG threshold. xD I actually have a pet cat now which is preggy and might give birth to lovely bubbly kittens soon.

          Though, for the question which animal I want to be, I want to be a bird and fly up high and go to distant places to look at beautiful sceneries!

        • Waaah! You love cats, too? Banzai!
          Indeed. Dogs are ultra-cute when they’re puppies, but I still adore them when they’re grown up. Although I think that dogs are the best pets, I just can’t help loving cats above all animals. (serious) I sense a deep connection between cats and me. Perhaps because I was a cat in my previous life? Hmmmm. . . . .

          Your reason for being a bird is great. I want to be able to fly, too, but I still can’t imagine myself as other forms of animal. It’s like I’ve been branded “CAT”. Hmmm. . . .

          (whispers) What the heck? I’m quite disturbed by myself.

        • Hmmm. I wouldn’t go that far, although I have a “Santa” onesie I received for Christmas. Onesies are hot right now here in Canada, you know. Especially since it’s winter here right now.

        • Hahaha! Very true. You’ll sweat in buckets if you wear onesies like the one here there.

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