12 Days of Reminiscence #10 – Loving and hating on Nisekoi

(This is a part of the series of posts, 12 Days of Christmas, done in my own way.)

I have been following Nisekoi manga (Story and Art by Komi Naoshi) since 2012, so when the news for the first season of anime came out in 2013, I was really happy. Those were the times I was still harboring pure love for Nisekoi, despite its flaws. This is pretty much a rant post (mostly in regards to the manga; slight spoilers ahead!). Go ahead and hate me.

Here goes my loves and hates in Nisekoi! Bring them on!

Loves (Pros)
  1. Almost all the girls in Raku’s harem have personality
  2. Kirisaki Chitoge – the best tsundere and best girl, hmph! ; even though she’s the main girl her personality doesn’t revolve completely around Raku
  3. Miyamoto Ruri – the most consistently written girl in the series. Bow
  4. Tsugumi Seishirou – cool assassin and tsundere, ’nuff said
  5. Claude – comes up with the best potions; just at par with Chuuma-sensei‘s (SKET Dance) genius
  6. Tsugumi falling into the traps (potions) of Claude – best laughs
  7. Maiko Shu x Miyamoto Ruri – the only best possible ship
  8. Maiko Shu – the best supporting character, but slightly above the rest of his kind by taking the spotlight from the MC himself
  9. Kanakura Yui – the only girl with intriguing mystery
  10. Komi Naoshi’s art – still an eye candy
  11. Some fillers are still so funny – the manga’s kinda addicting that it’s virtually impossible to drop it
Hates (Cons)
  1. Raku the dense rock (I sometimes wanna slap hit him in the face)
  2. Onodera Kosaki and her being one-dimensional and her Raku-is-the-sun-I-revolve-around attitude
  3. Kosaki Haru – Onodera version 2, only somewhat upgraded with actual cooking abilities and cheeky personality
  4. Tachibana Marika – obsessed with Raku
  5. Every girl (except Ruri and a bunch of other unimportant characters) falls for Raku – Ugh.
  6. Kanakura Yui – she’s in love with Raku. Ugh.
  7. Komi Naoshi’s art – gets repetitive in the long run
  8. Komi Naoshi – seems to have fallen victim to Same Face Syndrome
  9. ~40% – the actual story-related content of Nisekoi, i.e. involving the main pairings and the
    mystery revolving around the key and lock pendants

Clearly, I’ve come up with more loves than hates. That’s a bad sign of being overly attached to the series. I need to get rid of this obsession. Or do I? Still, I love hating on Nisekoi, but I love it enough not to totally hate on it.


Chitoge ❤

14 responses to “12 Days of Reminiscence #10 – Loving and hating on Nisekoi

  1. my thoughts almost exactly. I don’t know why, but I’m still hooked even when I get frustrated almost every week. At least I stay for Chitoge

    • Chitoge is all we need.

      And because we feel happy if Chitoge is happy, we basically need the ship to sail and land in Forever Island–to make Chitoge’s happiness canon. Even though I hate Raku, I’d hate it more if Chitoge ends up sad.

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  4. It sounds like you enjoy the manga more than you hate it 🙂

    Same Face Syndrome! haha Well, I guess they got tired of drawing 😛 Although there are real life conditions where a person can’t change their expression at all or only minimally.

    As for Chitoge images, I like the one with black and white drawing on a purple background the most! 🙂

    • Ugh. I hate to admit it, but it seems I really do enjoy it.
      >.< Every week I look forward to each new chapter, only to be disappointed by the story's slooooow progress when it comes to the main plot. But then, there's this hope that I cling onto–the hope that "everything will be better!" the next time around.

      Basically, it's the facial features that are very common in Nisekoi. Komi has created several characters in this series simply by swapping the hair, hair color, and other minute details. It's just the face that remains the same through and through.

      Yeah, I also happen to like that one the most! 🙂

      • “Raku the dense rock (I sometimes wanna slap hit him in the face)”
        I feel your frustration.

        About the facial features, I actually do like how they have so many diverse comedic facial designs (not sure if there’s a proper name for these), it’s so diverse it’s actually one of the main things I enjoyed about Nisekoi as compared to the plot… if there is a plot.

        • At the very least, I commend Raku for not being as dense as Ichika.

          I think the comedic faces in Nisekoi are one of those good points that are both unpredictable and addictive. Seems like I missed that feature, but thanks for pointing it out!

  5. I love hating on Nisekoi, but I love it enough not to totally hate on it.

    Oh man, does THIS describe my feelings towards Nisekoi perfectly

    iirc we were talking about Nisekoi on Twitter the other day and this seems to be a common sentiment. There’s something strangely attractive about Nisekoi despite it being every harem ever. It’s hard to put your finger on it, though. I guess the series has so many infuriating moments but also just enough charm to keep you hooked.

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