[ASS] #13 – Somehow somewhere someone is waiting for me

[non-anime/ Trip Trip] Hello passing days by KOKIA

uploaded by MrAK0226


I’ve been in a KOKIA appreciation mode for a few days now, with this song on constant replay. Just like that, it went high up on my music library charts. It’s now my most played KOKIA track. It is really just that good. You have to listen to it. You’ll feel good. (Lyrics and English translation from Kiwi Musume)

KOKIA is probably the best artist I can think of when it comes to letting me experience a wide range of emotions with her (lyrical) music alone. Some songs sound melancholy, some just outright daunting. And Hello passing days, like majority of my favorite songs from KOKIA, is a very joyful song.

Apparently it’s a song about two people meeting. Fate is not the only reason for people to meet. Even though it is the fulfillment of a millionth chance, the moment of meeting is influenced by a lot of factors we can only imagine from the start. It’s not mere coincidence. As the saying goes, “everything happens for a reason.” When one makes a decision in life, he does not automatically see the outcomes. One small act today can have a big influence on the future. It’s a series of choices, decisions, and events—all beautifully intertwined in the stretch of a lifetime.

Look to your left and to your right. The people who you are with are the very people you—your choices, decisions, journey—have chosen. 🙂

14 responses to “[ASS] #13 – Somehow somewhere someone is waiting for me

  1. Oh wow, always a pleasure to meet another KOKIA fan! Haven’t listened much to Trip Trip or a lot of her more pop-ey work, but dang if she can’t pull it off well. Think my favorites will always be the songs she did for Break Blade (which was how I discovered her in the first place), but it’s might just be nostalgia talking at that point.

    Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks for dropping by Anime Vios! I can’t believe I’ve received a comment from you; I’m mostly a lurker in your blog, so… 😀

      Going back to the topic: When it comes to meeting fellow fans of certain music fans, the pleasure is several times sweeter than when meeting fellow anime fans. I don’t know why, but that’s what I always feel towards music, or towards J-music specifically.

      I discovered KOKIA from her works in Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~, which are kinda similar to her work in Break Blade, albeit they have a heavier, darker feel. My all-time favorite from KOKIA would be “Ningen tte sonna mono ne”, which I’m going to feature in ASS someday. It’s such a beautiful song, it makes me regain my trust in humanity every time I listen to it. Haha

      Again, thanks for dropping by!

      • Really? According to my blog stats, that puts you in a group of ~25 people. It’s a very exclusive club, you should be proud. (Which is to say – I’m honored!)

        I’ll tentatively agree with you on the meeting fans point; I think for me, it’s because my tastes in music are more niche than my tastes in anime (at least, that’s what I like to believe), so it’s less likely to happen and thus more special? I guess I’ll go with that explanation. I don’t know, I don’t have that much experience to go on here.

        I will note, however, that a lot of my interactions and friendships with other bloggers starts through music, KOKIA specifically. I believe Ayame’s post on her was one of the first I ever commented on, and her music was always a small source of conversation with a few others in and around the community. Kinda cool how these things can feed into each other like that.

        I never saw enough of Phantom to get much exposure to her works in the show, though Karma specifically is one of my favorites of hers – definitely similar to her work in Break Blade, so I guess that’s not very surprising. Also, thanks for reminding me of Ningen tte – it’s been way too long since I last heard this.

        • Your explanation nails down what I couldn’t put into words. I believe that’s one of the endless possible explanations that I can come up with if I just sit down and seriously think about it.

          Ah, Ayame’s comment below is the first she left on my blog, so I think that’s also something. I really hope to feature KOKIA’s music here to find more fans and, as intended, influence others to check out more of her music.

          Though I’d been introduced to KOKIA music through Phantom and Break Blade, it wasn’t until I discovered Ningen tte when I was still actively playing osu! that I begun looking for more of her works. That song is absolutely stunning. Its lyrics, melody, and just everything in between have this incredible soothing effect. It’s definitely a ‘healing’ music.

  2. What a delightfully upbeat song! But KOKIA has a very beautiful and competent voice, so it doesn’t shine that much in small range cute songs. I really like her more passionate and dramatic songs where she displays her capabilities.

    As for the theme of the song “The direction of the winds of destiny always changes on a whim” kinda contradicts with the “it’s no coincidence”. I’m not a big fan of the latter either way because if it applies generally it can be really cruel (in cases something really awful happens to you). But it’s just a sweet happy little song, so I’ll probably take it for what it is

    • This was a surprising track for me, because most of the songs that I’ve heard from KOKIA are her enchanting works, which I’ve already grown to love years ago, too. Although some of her earlier albums did contain upbeat songs with her cute voice…

      And thanks for the input, Ayame-senpai! It seems like I misread the lyrics a bit, but I just focused on the more positive side of it. (Took the lyrics a bit too literally? Hahaha)

  3. Great! Kokia is one of my favorite singers! It is a nice song to listen! 😀 Her voice range is about four octaves! She attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the longest note held. In her a cappella performance of ‘O Sole Mio, she held a note for 29.5 seconds, but did not break the record (2004).

    As for the topic of the post, it made me think of Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross ending….

    We definitely have a bigger impact on the world than we may think, and it is important to realize that our choices and decisions play a big role, but, at the same time, we have to realize that some things are beyond our control and just happen randomly.


    • Nice trivia! Just made me love KOKIA even more! It doesn’t matter if she didn’t break the record. She’s already amazing the way she is now. 🙂 Also, this might be weird, but I feel at peace when I look at KOKIA because she resembles my late cousin. Angelic looks, perhaps?

      Oh lol. I had to look up what those are. So RD and CC are video games, huh. I don’t really play games (mostly because I don’t have money to spend for them), but people can really learn something from them. Thanks for sharing those links, btw!

  4. Hellow! Thankew for the pingback!

    I liked the song, but idk imo, I liked the instrumental even more. But of course, the lyrics cannot be disregarded.

    I think that in life, we can’t really keep track of all these “small” and insignificant actions. Thus, it seems as if the events/meetings that occur are purely by chance.

    And similar to Steins;Gate, each action will produce different parallel worlds that have various results. So, I could wish to live in another parallel world, where I am in a divergent situation. But I don’t want to? Because if I went back in time and changed my actions then, I wouldn’t have gotten to meet these awesome people in my life, including you and all these other anibloggers :3 Hence, in a way, I feel really grateful towards my past self for carrying out the certain set of actions that got me here where I am today.

    Wow. Nice post, made me think a lot about what has happened in my life so far 🙂 thanks for sharing the song too!

    • You’re welcome. 🙂

      It’s alright. Can’t say I like the instrumental MORE than the sung lyrics, but I love both aspects in this song just the same. 🙂

      Yep yep. And as kitsune said, there are also external factors we don’t have control over. We also don’t realize that these factors have an effect in our decisions and the consequences.

      Haha. Nice to see this post had some effect on you. That was definitely my intention, for the readers to pause and think for a while. Certain songs can really make me reflect on what my life has been.

      And yeah, you’re welcome!

    • That’s the purpose of this project. I hope to highlight some artists that others may have missed. Glad to know you’re liking my updates. :3

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