「The day when Nagoya is the hottest! World Cosplay Summit 2015」TV Aichi Special

tokyo ghoul touka(Warning: TLDR post) This is a lame, lazy-ass translation attempt (because obviously I’m only a beginner), serving my personal interest to fangirl over my sempais who participated in the recent World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan.
Do you still remember the pair of cosplayer I featured a while ago in a yuri manga post? They actually were qualified to represent the Philippines, in her first time ever to participate as a competing country, for the WCS 2015. It was held from the last week of July until the first week of August in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. You don’t know how much I was delighted to hear this, but admittedly I was all over the place to watch my sempais as they took off for their great adventure. 😥 To make up for the lost fangirlism, I (once again) attempted to translate a 45-min TV special. Apparently no one has subbed this yet, so I might as well help others understand even some parts of it–because I can’t translate the whole thing. Additional disclaimer: I’m no professional translator, and heck this attempt was too liberal. Those who understand Japanese might find me tweaking some lines for my benefit. *insert ojou-sama laugh*eurika aiBefore I actually go into the “translation”, let me shamelessly plug in this FB page. Friends, meet Ping-ping and SJ. They are called Eurika 愛 and also go by the name Team XO. They produce really good *ehem* yuri *ehem* cosplays; I suggest you go check out their FB page. It’s also because of Ping-ping sempai (the Lu Linqi) that I started reading Tamen de Gushi. And (I presume) you all know how much that webcomic means to me. Well then…

Some legend:
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<text> = some kind of description on what’s happening in the video
<<text>> = basically me

uploaded by: Katsuya I; notify me if video is unavailable

The show is narrated by Aizawa Noburou, announcer from TV Aichi.


Every year, the city of Nagoya bursts with excitement because of cosplay. People come to celebrate the Japanese culture of anime and manga that the world admires by transforming into various characters. That is cosplay. Nagoya was, at that moment, the Holy Land of Cosplay.

*(00:32) August 1st 2015 – Temperature peak of 38.3 °C

Two of the interviewees came all the way from Tokyo, while the crew also spotted Kuroko no Basuke cosplayers from Belgium. Cosplayers (from Japan and around the world) and fans have gathered in this place with different purposes—from taking part in the event to simply having fun.

World Cosplay Summit a.k.a. KosuSami. This event began in 2003 in Nagoya to promote international exchange through cosplay. Only 3 countries participated in its first year of founding. 26 countries contended this year, the highest number to date. By letting the casual cosplayers get involved, WCS has now become the iconic event that represents Nagoya’s summer. The highlight would be the World Cosplay Championship. Prevailing in the difficult preliminaries, the different countries’ representatives were competing for the best title.

The day when Nagoya is the hottest!

World Cosplay Summit 2015

*(02:57) One week left before Championship

The winners from the participating countries have arrived at the Holy Land of Cosplay, Nagoya. With a pair from each team, there were a total of 52 cosplayers in that orientation room. Aside from fighting for the top they’d also spend the next days, participating in various activities to deepen connections.

July 25th, in this day these cosplayers were going to make their appearance among the crowds. The opening act was at the Laguna Ten Bosch in Gamagoori, Aichi Prefecture. The cosplayers were to be fetched by Thousand Sunny , the pirate ship of the world-famous anime and Guinness-record best-selling manga by volumes sold, One Piece.

<Cosplayers position themselves in front of the ship. Kitadani Horishi (artist of OP’s main theme, “We Are!”) was the guest of honor for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Picture taking.>

<<Yeah, a lot of them cosplayed One Piece, and heck, they’re too good.>>

<<Kyaaaa~ Ping-ping-sempai!! SJ-sempai! ❤ >>

*(05:08) All Night Cosplay Fest 2015

This was one of those activities cosplayers needed to participate in and just have fun.

<Some kind of gimmick, like cosplayers doing Nagoya ads>

*(05:52) <title card>

Some TV announcer (Uno Natomi?) shows up to do some kind of bumping into the non-participating cosplayers, one after another. The idea is that anyone she meets will be asked about their recommended cosplayer whom the crew will meet up with, and so on. This kinda sounds fun to do (and watch on TV) since the venue is jam-packed with the casuals. Yadda yadda.

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Cosplay: Touken Ranbu, God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Fate/Unlimited Codes

*(10:22) The world’s best cosplay isn’t only determined by the stage performance. One-third of the 30-point full score for the championship title is taken from the Craftsmanship Examination. The 26 organizers from different countries assess the cosplayers other than their own. The costumes, tools, and other accessories must all be hand-made.

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Cosplay: Silent Hill (Team Indonesia), Neon Genesis Evangelion (Team Italy)

There are also first-time participants, and two of them are Team Philippines.

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Cosplay: Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends (Team Philippines)

It’s S. Korea’s 9th year to contend in WCS. In this neighboring country, there’s also been a quick rise in the popularity of cosplay. Apparently there are 100,000 South Korean cosplayers. They are said to have high-level qualifications for WCS.

<WCS Staff impressed by Team Mexico’s appearance yadda yadda>

Cosplayer adviser, Jackie Dousai, complimented the movie-like attention to the details of the team’s costumes. One of the pair’s actually a graphic designer, utilizing his talents and artistic sense in the making of their costumes. These guys have only been doing cosplay for a year.

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 Cosplay: Code Geass (Team South Korea); Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (Team Mexico)

*(16:49) Four days before Championship

Meijimura Museum’s first collaboration with WCS. Highest temperature of this day was 35 °C, making it four straight days of extreme heat since the opening.

JOYSOUND Kanayama Shop. Heightening the tension at night by singing at the karaoke party, which is annually organized by a total of 40 university student volunteers. WCS Omotenashi Students would be an indispensible existence to the participating cosplay teams. One would be assigned to a country’s team, doing various small tasks and chores and helping the participants enjoy the participants’ stay in Japan.

The next day… The students reserved the open space of a hotel, calling the cosplayers to the place for a little exposure to Japanese culture. The cosplayers also got to try out the latest Brother sewing machine.

*(19:37) July 31st, one day before Championship

The participants had begun transporting all their equipment to the main venue. Team Mexico refused to transport theirs by truck, so they carried their stuff by foot. It’s the highest temperature of July, 37 °C, so it must have been tough.

The Championship’s main venue, Aichi Prefectural Arts Theatre Great Hall, is primarily an opera and musical house. All preparation for the main performances had begun in the backstage. The normally lively cosplayers were seriously concentrating on their work.

<<Now for the fangirl inside… XD >>

*(21:15) Philippines’ representatives are having their final rehearsal.

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Staff: You two have small build…
*Ping-ping and SJ sempai laugh*
SJ: I understand [that]! Since we are small, we have to make our movements big enough so we’d look big [onstage].
Ping-ping: We’ll run fast!
They’d have to move their small bodies around to create a ‘big’ performance. But were they overwhelmed by the venue’s atmosphere?
SJ: Oh my gosh—Aahhh *embarrassed*
Ping-ping: It’s still rehearsal time but I’m already getting nervous. What if it’s the real thing?

South Korea rep’s rehearsal

“It felt like my soul kept slipping out. I’ll do my best tomorrow.”

It seems she wasn’t satisfied by her action performance.
Team Mexico appears on the rehearsal stage. The huge costumes they carefully transported seem alright. After their rehearsal, the stage is a mess. They’re going to use a lot of tools during their performance. The stage director comments on how meticulous this team is, feeling the overall craftsmanship.

*(23:53) Championship, August 1st
The world’s best cosplay would finally be determined. A red carpet parade was held at Nishiki Road prior to WCS Championship. Casual cosplayers were also heading to the venue and slowly gathering. It finally begins… 26 countries—52 cosplayers—fight for the top!

Russia (Pocket Monsters, aka Pokemon)
Finland (Atelier Escha & Logy)
Germany (Trusty Bell ~Chopin’s Dream~ aka Eternal Sonata)
Australia (Sengoku Musou, aka Sengoku Warriors)
Portugal (xxxHolic)
Thailand (Touken Ranbu –ONLINE-)
Indonesia (SILENT HILL)
Japan (Magi)
England (Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea)

*(28:14) It’s TeamPH’s (Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends) turn!

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“That was so embarrassing.”
“You don’t have to be stressed anymore, right? It’s over.”
“But that was so embarrassing.”
<SJ sempai talking>

The wall that should’ve been smashed to pieces fell down instead. Failing to deliver the performance smoothly in their one and only chance on stage, they were incredibly at a loss. <<Uggh Ping-ping sempai ㅜㅜ>> A contestant from Australia approached and spoke to them. It was a bittersweet stage performance for these girls, but for sure they gained a lot from this experience. Continuing with the other performances…

Taiwan (Shin Getter Robo Armageddon)
Singapore (Vampire Hunter D)
Kuwait (Castlevania: Lord of Shadow 2)
Denmark (Drag on Dragon 3)
France (Trusty Bell ~Chopin’s Dream~)
Malaysia (Royal Coat of Arms)
Hong Kong (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
Brazil (Fire Emblem)
Italy (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

*(32:42) Some of the non-participating cosplayers made their TV appearance. From being shy casuals, they transformed into confident character versions of themselves through cosplay. This illustrates the hobby’s strong point. Various booths were also on display. Back on the stage…

Vietnam (BLAZBLUE)
Spain (Pokemon)
Holland (Chrono Crusade)
China (Petshop of Horrors)
USA (Paradise Kiss)

Team South Korea (Code Geass) on standby. 2012 SKorean rep Kim Taehyeon mentioned her nervousness for the team’s upcoming performance. And they entered the stage… <SKorea’s stage performance (Code Geass)>

“It was over in an instant! I’m so relieved! We thought that the best performance would be something that pleases the audience.”

“We’re really happy right now.”

Moving on… Team Mexico (Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask). Huge applause and loud cheering from the crowd after an impactful performance. But behind the stage, there wasn’t a single smile. He didn’t seem to be content with what they did onstage. Yadda yadda

*(41:52) Awarding Ceremony

After all the performances, special awards were given to chosen participants.

“Third goes to no. 25, Team USA!”
“Second goes to Team Italy!”
“Grand Champion.. WCS 2015. This year’s world champion is… entry no. 26, Team Mexico!”

WCS 2015 Champion: Team Mexico (Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)

WCS 2015 Champion: Team Mexico (Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask)

And so this year’s championship comes to an end. The next day, August 2nd, having finished the competition, the cosplayers wore their smiles.

<Closing statements from Team PH and Team Mexico>
<Credit rolls…>
Ping-ping and SJ: Nagoya ga Ichiban Atsui!!! (Nagoya is the hottest!!!)

Thanks for reading & watching!

Thanks for reading & watching! ❤

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