Pedal along the long road

Some things Yowamushi Pedal taught me…

Nobody would certainly reach a height without climbing a long and elevated distance. The path isn’t fully straight ahead. He shall encounter a lot of downhill slopes and curves, too. He can pedal fast or sometimes he can choose to pedal slow. Changing pace is considered healthier than always going at full speed. He needs to take some breaks and start building his newly fueled momentum from there. Though there might be some people who appear to always go at a constant speed. And while at it, he can feel his legs getting heavier and heavier at each turn, making it harder to go on. Slump.


And there’s also the fear of not knowing what lies ahead…

But one who wants to win always makes a comeback, no matter who is ahead and who is behind.


A comeback

Life isn’t really meant to be lived as a race. You just take your own time and exert your own effort, though through a lot of the days, we need other people (like family, friends, and colleagues) to drag us with them (to prevent us from being left behind) and to push us ahead. What they do to us are what we can do to others we meet along that long, curvy, and steep path.


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